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Product Guide 6

A listing of featured products.


AIT Dental Inc, Beverly Hills, Calif, introduces the new Proxi-Stik™, a soft and flexible toothpick with a specially textured surface that allows for the removal of interproximal plaque and food. The toothpicks come in packs of 50 that are easily carried in purses and pockets. (800) 876-4620;


SheerVision Inc, Rolling Hills, Calif, introduces Ultra-Light Through-the-Lens (TTL) Loupes with the SureFit TTL™ Alignment System. The Ultra-Light optics offer high resolution, razorsharp clarity, and a lightweight design in either 2.5 x or 3.0 x magnification. The SureFit system allows the dental professional to order loupes with a few key measurements. The system then incorporates the measurements to align the optics with precision. The loupes are available in either a lightweight titanium frame or with a new SV Sport frame. (877) 678-4274;


Church & Dwight Co Inc, Princeton, NJ, announces that Arm & Hammer® Advance White® dentifrice will soon be available in a new liquid gel. The new formula adds mint flavored mouthwash to multipurpose benefits including deep cleaning, fluoride protection, and whitening. The liquid gel will be available in 4.6 oz icy mint and 4.6 oz clean mint flavors both with flip-top caps. The new dentifrice will be released in early 2007. (800) 447-6666;


Quantum Inc, Eugene, Ore, introduces Canker Cover, a new oral bandage for aphthous ulcers, designed to shorten the healing time for canker sores. The muco-adhesive patch adheres to the sore, delivering pain-relieving menthol and drying sea salt to the ulcer. Once applied, the patch lasts for 8-12 hours before dissolving, isolating the mouth ulcer from contact with the tongue, teeth, food, and toxins. (800) 448-1448;


Den-Mat Corp, Santa Rosa, Calif, introduces the new Virtuoso Sealant to restore pits and fissures. Virtuoso is easy to apply, provides wear resistance, has a bubble-free flowable consistency, precision tip needle for precise placement, opaque and clear shades for versatility, and fluoride release for enhanced decay prevention. (800) 445-0345;


Cetylite Industries Inc, Pennsauken, NJ, provides Cetacaine®, a rapid onset topical anesthetic designed to last up to 30 to 60 minutes. Cetacaine is designed to control pain and suppress the gag reflex. It features three active ingredients: benzocaine (14%), butamben (2%), and tetracaine hydrochloride (2%) and is indicated for use on all accessible mucous membranes. (800) 257-7740;


Sultan Healthcare, Englewood, NJ, offers Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angles, featuring beveled gear technology for ease of use. The prophy angles have soft latex-free cups and come in boxes of 100. (800) 637-8582;


Patterson Dental Supply Inc, St Paul, Minn, introduces CAESY Enterprise 5.7, the newest release of the server-based patient education software. With 26 new and 34 updated multimedia presentations for the operatory, the software is designed to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date option for patient education. Enhanced navigation and a new design are also features. (800) 328-5536;


DENTSPLY Profssional, York, Pa, introduces the Cavitron® SofTip™ Ultrasonic Implant Insert, designed to remove plaque and calculus around titanium implants and abutments, providing lavage delivery. The insert is only used with a SofTip disposable prophy tip attached. The SofTip is a single-use, plastic tip that is safe for implant maintenance. (800) 989-8826;


Mydent International, Hauppauge, NY, offers DEFEND OMNI-CARE 7, an antiseptic lotion soap that contains bio-structure, an all natural herbal ingredient that cleanses without the use of harsh chemicals. The soap also contains aloe, vitamin E, and the antimicrobial PCMX. It is available in both 12-oz and 1 gallon containers. (800) 275-0020;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. December 2006;4(12): 28, 30.

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