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October 2019 Marketplace for Dental Hygienists

A listing of featured products.


KaVo Kerr, Brea, California, now offers the PROPHYflex 4 Portable Air Cleaning Device. This air polisher is indicated for both supragingival and subgingival biofilm and stain removal prior to fissure sealing. With its improved ergonomics, efficiency, and versatility, the PROPHYflex 4 is designed to offer dental hygienists a simple and effective way to polish teeth. Its three adjustable pressure settings provide clinicians with more control over cleaning performance, from a gentle powder-free setting to more precise cleaning. The narrow shape of the cannula and minimized mist formation also enables enhanced visibility, less mess, and better preservation of the tooth structure, according to the company. 888-275-5286;


Practicon, Greenville, North Carolina, has expanded its SmileGoods line of self-care products to include nine new toothbrushes for children. These toothbrushes are designed to make brushing more fun for kids, as the brushes are designed for smaller hands. They feature soft bristles, smaller brush heads, and ergonomic nonslip grips. Available in bright, multicolor designs, SmileGoods toothbrushes may also be personalized with the practice’s information. 800-959-9505;


The STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave by SciCan, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, is designed to deliver speed, capacity, and efficiency to the dental office. It can quickly sterilize instrument loads in as little as 38 minutes, and its 11-inch chamber can sterilize up to four full-size cassettes and four exam cassettes, or up to 20 pouches. This Class B vacuum sterilizer incorporates both a pre-sterilization vacuum to improve steam penetration and a post-sterilization vacuum to improve drying. STATCLAVE G4 also uses freshwater in every cycle, decreasing the buildup of oils and debris. 800-572-1211;


MouthWatch, Metuchen, New Jersey, has added the MouthWatch Intraoral Camera to its product line. Producing high-quality images that help support patient education, case acceptance, and insurance claim documentation, the camera also offers one-button operation. The MouthWatch Intraoral Camera integrates seamlessly with most digital X-ray software. 877-544-4342;


Elevate Oral Care, West Palm Beach, Florida, introduces SMART Advantage™ Glass Ionomer in A1 to A2 shades. This self-cure, high-viscosity, opaque, fast-setting restorative is designed to bond to silver diamine fluoride (SDF)-treated surfaces, and mask the subsequent discoloration. A yellow polyacrylic acid tooth conditioner easily differentiates from the blue SDF. SMART Advantage is also ideal for stand-alone restorations or sandwich techniques for more esthetic restorations. SMART Advantage comes in three capsule delivery kits of A1 only, A2 only, or mixed A1/A2 shades with yellow polyacrylic acid tooth conditioner. 877-866-9113;


DentiMax, Mesa, Arizona, provides clinicians with the DentiMax Dream Sensor, which comes equipped with the latest technology in dental radiography to produce crystal-clear X-ray images. The Dream Sensor was designed with patient comfort top of mind as its rounded, beveled corners make it a comfortable fit for mouths of all sizes. The sensor is built to last with a Kevlar® reinforced and repairable cable, which is connected through waterproof, tightly sealed housing. The DentiMax Dream Sensor is also very thin at 54.1 mm. 800-704-8494;


Lensiora, Mission Viejo, California, has released the updated intraoral camera, Lensiora HD. Designed for maximum compatibility with all dental imaging applications, Lensiora HD provides clear images in high definition resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels). Six ultra-bright light-emitting diodes are positioned around the camera lens to ensure images are clear and visible. Clinicians will appreciate Lensiora HD’s push button-features: on/off freeze, 4x zoom, and snapshot. The intraoral camera also features a modern, high-tech brushed aluminum body. 877-808-8698;


Ultradent Products, South Jordan, Utah, has unveiled its latest innovation in disposable prophy angles (DPAs), Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA. The flexible bristles of Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA’s brush guard prevent splatter before it gathers by effectively “sweeping” away saliva and prophy paste as it accumulates. This method significantly reduces splatter by 95%, according to the company. Dental hygienists can also work without having to refill the cup with additional paste because the DPA sweeps excess saliva and paste back toward the tooth. Ultrapro Tx Sweep DPA’s ergonomic shape provides clinicians with a shorter head for better access and a slimmer neck for improved visibility. These DPAs feature an advanced internal blade design, outer ridges for better interproximal cleaning, optimal flare, and quiet gear design. 800-552-5512;


Chicco, Como, Lombardy, Italy, the company known worldwide for KeyFit Instant Car Seats, has designed Chicco Physio Forma Pacifiers. Chicco teamed with pediatricians, orthodontists, and ergonomists to invent these pacifiers. Physio Forma Pacifiers adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines to aid in the prevention of sudden infant death syndrome and actively support a baby’s breathing. Physio Forma Pacifiers feature an exclusive nipple design that helps to position the baby’s tongue forward to maintain an open airway. The pacifier’s double ventilation holes allow for air circulation to prevent the gathering of saliva while supporting physiological breathing. The pacifier’s extra-soft, satin-textured silicone nipple provides the baby with more comfort while preventing slip. 877-424-4226;


DryShield Single-Use Mouthpiece by DryShield, Fountain Valley, California, is made of a soft, flexible material designed to fit comfortably in a patient’s mouth. Each mouthpiece incorporates a tongue and oral pathway shield, airway protection, and a cheek retractor. This all-in-one hands-free system attaches directly to the high volume evacuator and provides continuous suction. The DryShield Single-Use Mouthpiece is said to reduce procedure time. 888-379-0300;


World Wide Daily, Cleveland, Ohio, now offers the floss-pick-brush, Oral-in-One. This product is designed to clean those difficult-to-access areas, stimulate gingiva, and remove food and dental plaque. Oral-in-One provides patients with a removable interdental brush, removable hook toothbrush, built-in tapered toothpick, and dual floss lines that do not shred, stretch, or break. 218-508-6088;



From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. October 2019;17(9):50—51.

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