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October 2014 Marketplace

A listing of featured products.


Young Dental, Earth City, Missouri, has unveiled its first ever hygiene handpiece. Designed to fit the contours of the clinician’s hands, the handpiece provides both comfort and control during polishing. This product’s unique contra-angled connector helps reduce cord drag aggravation. A Reverse Radius™ silhouette further promotes a smooth, ergonomic performance, while an engraved 360°-rotating matte grip reduces the need to shift the wrist during use. For best results, pair the Young Hygiene Handpiece with the company’s disposable prophy angles. (800) 325-1881;


Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Co LLC, Chicago, now offers Diamond Sharpening Cards as part of its line of instrument sharpening solutions. The stainless-steel, credit-card size sharpening card is coated on one side with a continuous surface of small industrial diamonds for superior hardness, and the flat, hard stainless steel surface of the card will not easily groove or ditch over time. A small footprint allows the card to easily fit into instrument cassettes or sterilization pouches. They are available in extra fine, fine, and medium grits, and do not require oil for lubrication. (800) HU-FRIEDY;


Tess Oral Health, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, proudly supports healthy smiles through its multitude of toothbrush offerings. Featuring contoured ergonomic handles, soft bristles, and soft rubber grips for improved control, Tess offers a toothbrush for every type of patient in every stage of life. To date, the company has manufactured more than 10 million toothbrushes at its Midwest headquarters, with such products being denoted with an American flag on the packaging. (800) 762-1765;


Dr. Fresh LLC, Buena Park, California, manufactures REACH Disposable Prophy Angles. These innovative prophy angles are engineered with a low-profile design to allow for superior access to difficult-to-reach areas of the mouth. Designed for compatibility and use with any low-speed handpiece, REACH Disposable Prophy Angles are available in a variety of soft, spatter-reducing cup styles. The 100%-American made prophy angles are latex-free, individually wrapped, and sold prelubricated for a smooth, quiet performance. (866) 373-7371;


Diatech, Charleston, South Carolina, has released its Hygienist Choice Whitening Dental Strips—a take-home whitening solution that is offered exclusively through dental practices. Powerful, mess-free, and easy-to-use, these whitening strips are designed to brighten smiles in as little as 2 weeks. A three-layer formula featuring nonslip technology ensures full contact, which helps to achieve desired results. (800) 222-1851;


LA Lens, Torrance, California, introduces the MiniCam HD—the first loupe-mounted video camera that enables clinicians to shoot, store, and share high-quality images and videos. Easy to attach to loupes and lightweight, the MiniCam HD enables users to document procedures via a foot pedal. Data are saved to the camera’s software for quick viewing and editing and can be easily shared with patients, specialists, and insurers via the company’s safe and private cloud-based system. (844) 332-8383;


Philips Oral Health Care, Stamford, Connecticut, has launched its newest in-office whitening treatment, Philips Zoom QuickPro. Specially formulated to be applied in just 5 minutes, this product safely and effectively helps patients achieve a brighter smile. The 30-minute wear formula is applied in two layers: a 20% whitening hydrogen peroxide formula, followed by a whitening seal, which together can whiten teeth up to four shades after just one application. Because Philips Zoom QuickPro is transparent, thin, and tasteless, patients can leave the dental office upon application. Patients then brush away the film after 30 minutes. (800) 422-9448; Phillips Oral Health.


Steri-Shield, Las Vegas, sells Wingers® radiological sensor holders, which provide clinicians with an easy, quick, and pain-free method for capturing oral images. The “hybrid” system provides the convenience of universal fit for all popular sensors, disposable sensor holders, and the savings of multi-use holder tools. Wingers sensor holders are available in anterior, posterior, vertical, and horizontal models, in sizes small and large. (800) 699-7220;


Crosstex/SPSmedical Supply, Hauppauge, New York/Rush, New York, recently debuted the AirView™ II Bowie-Dick Test Pack. This single-use test is small in size and easy to store, reducing waste and saving space. The test’s directions for use are printed directly on the product, and post-processing pass/fail test sheets are easy to read and store. The product is designed for daily testing on prevacuum steam sterilizers as part of an effective sterilization protocol. It detects air leaks, inadequate air removal, insufficient steam penetration, and noncondensable gases. (800) 722-1529;

From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. October 2014;12(10):67–68.


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