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January 2018 Marketplace

Marketplace Excerpt: A listing of featured products.


Prophy Magic, Las Vegas, has added Comfort Contra Angles to its line of prophy angles. Designed to increase access to difficult-to-reach locations, Comfort Contra Angles come in three cup types to meet patient needs: soft, firm, and Mystic, which feature diamond-shaped ridges on the outer surface for improved interproximal and lingual cleaning. These angles feature better flaring for subgingival access and smooth running, which means no overheating. Cups are ribbed/ webbed counter-clockwise to help reduce spatter. 866-546–2442;


DH Cubed, Seattle, offers the OneTen Sharpening System, which provides online training in the theory and practice of sharpening, as well as the OneTen device, which provides instant feedback during sharpening, so instruments are quickly sharpened correctly. When attached to a dental sharpening stone, the OneTen will light up when at the proper angle for sharpening. The OneTen helps to reduce the strain on fingers, hands, and wrists as dental hygienists achieve a consistent level of sharpness for curets and scalers. The system allows users to quickly maintain a sharp edge chairside. 206-605-7340;


Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, makes Crest Pro-Health Advanced with Extra Deep Clean designed to eliminate oral malodor, prevent caries, strengthen enamel, clean teeth and gums, and freshen breath. This alcohol- free mouthrinse includes fluoride and is indicated for adults and children ages 6 and older. Users are instructed to swish 10 mL of rinse between teeth for 1 minute then spit out, twice a day after brushing teeth. 513-983-1100;


Mydent, Hauppauge, New York, has introduced the Autoclave Cleaner to its line of DEFEND products. Designed to remove grease, grime, and deposit accumulations, the cleaner keeps steam autoclaves in top operating condition. The Autoclave Cleaner is made of a high-performance concentrate (4 oz make a 68 oz solution) that enhances cleaning power with strong anionic and nonionic surfactants. It does not contain phosphates. 800-275-0020;


Topicale Xtra from Premier, Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania, features a 20% benzocaine formulation for rapid 10-second onset of surface anesthesia of soft tissue. Topicale Xtra comes in three fun flavors—very berry cherry, mint freeze, and jammin’ strawberry and is designed to leave no bitter aftertaste. Available in single flavor or assorted flavor packs, this oral anesthetic gel is offered in an economical 1-oz jar. 888-670-6100;


Easy Enterprises, Chico, California, offers a handheld, battery-operated EasyEx Dental Explorer Sharpener. Designed to make sharpening explorers quick and easy, this compact device restores explorers to needle-point sharpness with the push of a button to improve diagnostic results and caries detection. Just put a sterilized explorer tip inside the hole located on the nose cone with the tip perpendicular to the hole. With light fingers, slowly twist the EasyEx back and forth and the result is a resharpened explorer in 2 seconds to 3 seconds. 888-572-5560;


From Dimensions of Dental HygieneJanuary 2018;16(1):53.

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