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Product Profile: Pinnacle™ X Ray Sensor Sheaths by Kerr™ TotalCare

Barrier sheath helps to prevent cross contamination.

Adhering to effective infection control protocols is key to the safe delivery of oral care. Clinicians can enhance their efficiency in this task by using disposable barriers such as Pinnacle X-Ray Sensor Sheaths, the newest line of disposable barriers from Kerr TotalCare that are impermeable to blood and viruses during digital radiography. Not only do these disposable barriers cut back on room setup and teardown time, but they also reduce equipment exposure to liquid cleaners and disinfectants. Pinnacle X-Ray Sensor Sheaths are custom fit X-ray sensor barriers that help to protect products from harmful disinfectants and patients from potential exposure to infectious pathogens.


Featuring ultra-soft materials, soft seams, and minimal excess plastic, Pinnacle X-Ray Sensor Sheaths are designed to put both patients and practitioners at ease. Clinicians benefit from their ease of use and protection against cross-contamination. Each box and individual sleeve are clearly marked to reflect the specific sensor, increasing efficiency and convenience. In addition to helping to provide protection from bacteria and other pathogens, the disposable sheaths are designed to help improve patient comfort. The trimming of excess plastic also helps reduce the likelihood of a patient gagging during diagnostic imaging.


Kerr TotalCare is the proud manufacturer of Pinnacle barrier products. Custom-fit X-Ray Sensor Sheaths are presently available for DEXIS Platinum, Kodak Size 0, Kodak Size 1, Kodak Size 2, Schick CDR Size 1, Schick CDR Size 2, Schick CDR Elite Size 1, and Schick CDR Elite Size 2.


  • Sheaths help to improve operator efficiency by reducing time needed for room setup and teardown
  • Impermeable material is designed to prevent cross-contamination, which is supported by blood and viral penetration testing
  • Custom fit eliminates excess plastic material, thereby enhancing patient comfort
  • Protects equipment from the long-term effects of harsh chemicals


Kerr TotalCare—part of KaVo Kerr Group, a worldwide leader in products and processes that enable oral health professionals to deliver efficient, effective care—is dedicated to providing solutions for clinicians and the patients they serve. The company, headquartered in Orange, California, is committed to empowering oral health professionals to improve patient health by providing products and services that can support delivery of the highest level of care. Kerr TotalCare products, including Pinnacle X-Ray Sensor Sheaths, are sold through dental dealers worldwide.
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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2015;13(3):62.


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