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Focus on Nonfloss Interdental Cleaners

Interdental cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining oral health, and this table provides myriad details about available nonfloss interdental cleaners to help clinicians make appropriate patient recommendations.

While dental floss may be helpful in reducing the risk of interproximal caries and gingivitis, it may not always be the most effective tool for removing interproximal biofilm. With the introduction of nonfloss interdental products, oral health professionals have myriad products to recommend to patients. Effective floss alternatives comprise interdental brushes, wooden picks, interproximal brushes, rubber tip stimulators, and more. These tools are especially beneficial to patients with poor manual dexterity; physical disabilities (such as arthritis, hand tremors, limited ability to extend the arms or close the hand, and limited mouth opening); large hands; or a strong gag reflex. This table provides helpful details about available nonfloss interdental cleaners and is designed to assist oral health professionals in providing customized recommendations to their patients.

Editor’s note: While every attempt was made to be as comprehensive as possible, there may be inadvertent product omissions.

From Dimensions of Dental HygieneSeptember 2016;14(09):22,24–26. 

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