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Product Profile: Cavitron®Touch™ featuring Steri Mate® 360 Fully Rotating Handpiece

Ultrasonic scaling system utilizes advanced technology.

Dentsply Professional Cavitron TouchMany oral health professionals rely on ultrasonic scaling. For those clinicians who desire a system that combines technology, comfort, and control, the reimagined Cavitron Touch ultrasonic scaling system is now available. This system not only offers more comfort and control than previous generations of Cavitron systems, but it also features touchscreen technology and the new fully rotating, detachable Steri-Mate 360 handpiece.

Cavitron Touch provides clinicians with an advanced solution. Featuring an all-new tabletop design and capacitive-touch interactive screen, the system introduces an intuitive sliding power level control, the ability to pre-set three power levels, and includes the rechargeable Cavitron Tap-On® wireless foot pedal.


Exclusive to the Cavitron Touch is the new Steri-Mate 360 handpiece. This fully rotating handpiece allows free-flowing movement and access within the oral cavity, and enables clinicians to easily rotate the insert without stopping to make adjustments. The Steri-Mate 360 handpiece combined with the featherweight cable is lightweight and ergonomic.


The Cavitron Touch Ultrasonic Scaling System is an advanced system that offers many benefits to oral health professionals:

  • Comfort and control
  • Interactive touchscreen technology
  • Intuitive sliding power level control
  • Ability to pre-set three power levels
  • Rechargeable Cavitron Tap-On wireless foot pedal
  • Only Cavitron system to feature lightweight, ergonomic,fully rotating Steri-Mate 360 handpiece


Cavitron Touch is available for purchase in the enhanced Touch Package, which includes three Steri-Mate 360 handpieces, 3-year warranty, and exclusive Cavitron Care scheduled maintenance plan. The Touch Package also includes one 30k Cavitron slimLINE 10S ultrasonic insert, featuring the ergonomically designed FITGRIP and a redemption offer for additional inserts.

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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2016;14(03):62.

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