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A New Generation of Loupes

Designs for Vision’s Infinity VUE loupes provide the benefits of a customized, ergonomic design.

For the past 25 years, Designs for Vision has custom-made prism-down loupes for clinicians by special request. Positive feedback spread throughout the industry about the prismatic and Keplerian loupe design. As such, Designs for Vision contemplated bringing the ergonomic loupes to market, but the necessary learning curve was a concern. However, Designs for Vision ultimately decided that clinicians would invest the time and effort to learn how to use Infinity VUE loupes and enjoy the benefits of the ergonomic design.

FIGURE 1. Good posture is key to maintaining proper ergonomics.
FIGURE 1. Good posture is key to maintaining proper ergonomics.
FIGURE 2. Infinity VUE loupes are custom built to clinician’s unique specifications.
FIGURE 2. Infinity VUE loupes are custom built to clinician’s unique specifications.

Indications and Benefits

Ergonomics is the science of adapting the work environment to protect the musculoskeletal health and well-being of the worker. In dentistry, the leading cause of musculoskeletal disorders is poor posture when treating patients (Figure 1). Whether sitting or standing, clinicians compromise their posture daily, directly impacting their backs, necks, shoulders, and eyes. Several strategies are available to incorporate the science of ergonomics into practice to alleviate chronic pain and discomfort. By providing a magnified view of the patient, loupes improve the quality of clinical work and ensure more precise diagnoses. But alongside enhanced visualization, the new Infinity VUE loupes improve ergonomics by providing necessary eye relief and the ability to treat patients with correct posture. 

Despite using traditional models that help with precise visual acuity in dentistry, clinicians still often experience discomfort, even with adequately measured loupes. Optically based on Design for Vision’s Micro Expanded Field loupes, the new Infinity VUE loupes significantly improve working posture and comfort. This model assists with keeping the chin up, the neck straight, and the eyes forward while viewing the magnified surgical field. These benefits directly impact clinicians’ well-being and provide a more efficient practice method.

FIGURE 3. Infinity VUE loupes offer precision-coated optics.
FIGURE 3. Infinity VUE loupes offer precision-coated optics.

Importance of Posture

Most loupe designs fail to provide completely ergonomic solutions, forcing clinicians to bend forward uncomfortably while looking down. The Infinity VUE loupes allow clinicians to maintain a neutral, upright position with relaxed eyes looking forward. They offer both 3.0x and 3.5x magnification, and are custom built to each individual’s unique measurements for an optimal and ergonomically comfortable fit (Figure 2). Additionally, the dual roof prisms bend the image in the line of sight with precision-coated optics (Figure 3). 

Enhanced magnification when treating patients assists with vision and allows clinicians to do more in less time with improved concentration. Efficiency is vital, and to precisely identify conditions and provide patients with the most accurate diagnoses and treatment, it’s essential to ensure dental professionals are working with clarity, focus, and, most importantly, comfort. n



From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. April 2022; 20(4)26.

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