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W&H Launches New Proxeo Twist Rotary Polishing Systems

W&H has recently expanded its portfolio for North America with a choice of two new rotary polishing systems for more comfort and greater freedom of movement in the oral cavity during prophylaxis or periodontitis treatment. Their unique and innovative Prophy Angle cups were designed in consultation with prophy users for an optimum polishing experience.

polishing toolIn modern dental treatment, the professional, mechanical removal of plaque and biofilm is an integral part of the prophylaxis workflow. W&H’s new Proxeo Twist Rotary Polishing System offers a compact, easy to handle solution for everything you need, no matter whether it’s cleaning, polishing or fluoridating. The new Proxeo Twist Cordless Rotary Polishing System means polishing without any restrictions, enjoying complete freedom without cords. This allows access at practically any angle during polishing and ensures a good view of the treatment site.

Proxeo Twist Polishing System: lightweight and easy to swivel

The new Proxeo Twist line of air-driven handpieces offers a lightweight solution for your dental unit. With its easy swiveling between motor and attachment, it adapts to the position you need in the oral cavity. The quick connect system with the roto-quick coupling offers an easy way of preparing the dental chair for the next patient. The rotational speed on the prophy angle cup enables greater cleaning efficiency, gentle polishing of tooth surfaces and no splattering of paste.

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy swivel
  • Quick connection with a roto-quick coupling
  • 24-month warranty
  • Easy to clean and hygiene-friendly
  • Disinfectable and sterilizable

Proxeo Twist Cordless Polishing System: the new freedom of rotary polishing

The new Proxeo Twist Cordless handpiece enables premium rotary polishing treatment for dental hygienists and patients. The handpiece enables changing treatment positions without the inconvenience of cords or cables. Its lightweight and ergonomic design means it adapts perfectly to any movements providing fatigue-free polishing and a back-friendly posture. The wireless foot control means moving around with much more freedom and the ability to quickly change positions in relation to the patient. The speed can be adjusted smoothly from 0 to 3,000 rpm and can be constantly adapted to the clinical requirements.

W&H’s innovative Prophy Angle cups were designed in consultation with prophy users and great emphasis was placed on features such as optimal adaptation, simple paste pickup and distribution as well as gentle cleaning up into the sulcus.

Schedule a Proxeo Twist Product Demonstration

For more information on the Proxeo Twist line of products or to schedule a product presentation, contact a knowledgeable W&H Territory Manager in your area. 

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