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Test Your Knowledge on Pediatric Pain Management

Preventing and controlling pain are integral to ensuring successful dental appointments with our young patients. How much do you know about providing effective pain management in this population?


The delivery of quality oral health care is unrelated to the ability to prevent and relieve pain.

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Children begin to show developmental changes in response to painful stimuli early in infancy.

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Anxiety and emotional distress can increase an individual’s pain threshold.

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Many children do better with parents/caregivers present.

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Which of the following is a common hurdle to overcome in a pediatric dental visit?

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The first step to providing good local anesthesia is to use a topical anesthetic.

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The prevention of adverse events during an injection starts with stabilizing the patient’s head.

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Test Your Knowledge on Pediatric Pain Management
Congrats! You understand the ins and outs of pediatric pain management. Get out there and put your know-how to good use!
Well done!
Well done! You’ve got the basics, but there’s more to learn. Continue to study the latest in providing pain management for kids. You got this!
Not bad!
Not bad, but there’s room to grow when it comes to understanding best practices for pain management in children. Consider reading more about this valuable approach. Good luck!

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