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Relationship Between Oral Microbiome and COVID-19 Severity Revealed

The oral microbiome plays a vital role in immune defense against pathogens such as COVID-19. A recent study by researchers from J. Craig Venter Institute, Ministry of Health in Kuwait, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Tufts School of Dental Medicine, and University of Alberta, explored this relationship. They found that individuals with a more diverse oral microbiome experience milder COVID-19 symptoms, while those with less diversity experience severe symptoms due to a dysregulated immune response. Analyzing saliva using artificial intelligence can predict COVID-19 presence and severity, offering a non-invasive alternative to blood tests. The study highlights differences in immune response between saliva and blood, indicating unique reactions to the virus in the mouth. Viral replication in mucosal tissues leads to decreased microbiome diversity and immunosuppression, emphasizing the importance of oral microbiome care for overall health. The team aims to apply similar techniques to long COVID research, striving for less invasive diagnostics and personalized medicine. The study was published in PNSA Nexus. Click here to read more.

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