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Mayo Clinic Studying Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Airway Health Connection With REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle

Many Americans struggle with sleep apnea. While solutions are available, they often negatively impact quality of life. Now, researchers at the Mayo Clinic are studying a product called REMplenish™ to see how it helps those experiencing sleep apnea.

REMastered Sleep created the REMplenish Myo Nozzle to help people get a better night’s sleep by improving their airway health. Drinking water through REMplenish provides targeted passive exercise to the muscles of the mouth and throat including the genioglossus, soft palate, and pharyngeal dilator muscles. This reinforces proper tongue position, strengthens the airway, and supports nasal breathing. REMplenish is based on myofunctional therapy exercises that are proven to reduce obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Starting September 2023, participants will use REMplenish for 2 months to see if building a stronger airway helps reduce the impact of mild to moderate OSA and snoring. Researchers will measure quality of life, drinking adherence with a water bottle that records water intake, apnea hypopnea index, and blood oxygen level and snoring levels. Both the intervention and placebo group’s sleep patterns will be measured with a sleep study before using the product and after the 2-month trial period has ended. A myofunctional assessment will be performed pre- and post-REMplenish use to monitor for changes in myofunctional assessment scores and changes in tongue strength and endurance measured by the Iowa oral performance instrument.

About REMastered Sleep

Minnesota-based REMastered Sleep is on a mission to eliminate preventable airway health issues such as obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Drinking water with the REMplenish™ Myo-Nozzle can provide targeted resistance to the muscles in the tongue, mouth, and throat, helping to exercise the airway and strengthen key muscles for better airway health. This form of myofunctional therapy can lead to improved breathing, reduced snoring, proper tongue function, and better-quality sleep. Learn more at

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