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Imagine a Future Where Every Brushing Is Effective

An innovative solution to pediatric preventative oral care was unveiled at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) annual meeting held in Toronto on May 23–26, 2024, that promises effective plaque removal for every child.

Introducing the NEW Willo AutoFlo+, a fully automated toothbrushing system, designed to give all children more consistent toothbrushing results.

Manual plaque removal is the mainstay of oral health, but children struggle to brush their teeth effectively, due to:

  • Lack of dexterity – young children particularly may lack the motor skill development to ensure consistency
  • Limited patience and focus – children can get distracted
  • A lack of understanding of proper techniques

The NEW Willo AutoFlo+ toothbrush with OptiClean brush head addresses the challenges of childhood toothbrushing to deliver effective brushing through automation.

  • Consistent bristle positioning – for effective cleaning of facial, lingual and interproximal surfaces
  • Consistent brushing motion – bristles gently sweep side to side to effectively remove plaque
  • Consistent duration – 2-minute timer takes the guesswork out of brushing time

Manual or powered toothbrushes need to be properly positioned and are manually moved around the mouth, which can result in missing hard-to-reach areas. The new Willo OptiClean brush head ensures bristles are in contact with each tooth for the full duration of the brushing cycle, meaning every tooth surface is covered.

The plaque removal power of automation

A randomized, examiner-blinded study, showed that the Willo automated toothbrush demonstrated significant plaque removal during a single use compared to an ADA approved manual toothbrush in children aged 5–13. (p<0.001, N=63) 1

  • Reduction in plaque measurement ~60% after brushing with Willo compared to 20-25% with a manual toothbrush 1
  • Willo was superior in all areas of the mouth with up to 7.1 times more plaque removal vs the control toothbrush in the posterior lingual region 1

Willo AutoFlo+. Pre-order today for just $149, saving $100 off your first Willo AutoFlo+ toothbrush

To discover more about how pediatric toothbrushing is being transformed through the power of automation, visit

Reference: Willo Data on File. Plaque Study 2024

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