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How Much Do You Know About Air Polishing?

Air polishing is a valuable addition to the hand and ultrasonic instrumentation armamentarium during periodontal therapy. Take this quiz to see how well you know this innovative technique.


The effectiveness of air polishing is increased by higher air pressure and water settings.

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A specially formulated version of sodium bicarbonate is the most common powder on the market today.

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Sodium bicarbonate powder should be used in periodontally involved patients because of benefits to the cementum, dentin, and gingiva.

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Which is a new powder developed for use in air polishing devices?

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Supra- and subgingival air polishing do not remove calculus, thus, they cannot replace ultrasonic and/or hand instrumentation.

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A treatment time of 30 seconds per site is recommended with glycine powder air polishing to ensure that gingival erosion is minimal.

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Which patient population is contraindicated for air polishing?

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How Much Do You Know About Air Polishing?
Congrats! You understand the ins and outs of air polishing. Get out there and put your know-how to good use!
Well done!
Well done! You’ve got the basics, but there’s more to learn. Continue to study the latest in air polishing to better serve your patients. You got this!
Not bad!
Not bad, but there’s room to grow when it comes to mastering air polishing. Consider reading more about this valuable approach. Good luck!

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