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Harmony Health Unveils Report Highlighting Cost-Saving Benefits of Dental Membership Plans

[Weirton, WV] Harmony Health, a national non-profit organization, today released a detailed report evaluating dental membership plans in the United States. Dental membership plans are subscription-based models that offer patients discounted dental services and preventive care for a set monthly or annual fee, similar to how a Costco or Prime membership provides exclusive access and discounts on products, these plans provide predictable dental care savings. They are a practical option for those without employer-based insurance or government assistance. The findings, based on an analysis of over 1,000 plans across 50 states and Washington D.C., reveal significant insights into how these subscription-based models are reshaping oral health care.

Key highlights from the report include:

  • Tailored Plans: Dental membership plans cater to various demographics, with 34.7% specifically designed for adults, children, and periodontal care.
  • Affordable Care: Family plans for a group of four cost an average of $80.84 per month. Individual adult plans average $32.17 per month, while pediatric plans cost $26.01 per month.
  • Discounts on Procedures: On average, membership plans provide discounts of 17.8% on endodontics, 18.6% on dentures, and 27.1% on sealants.
  • No Annual Limits: Unlike traditional insurance, membership plans offer preventive care and significant discounts on additional procedures without yearly maximum limits, providing more predictable costs for extensive dental care.
  • Accessible for All: These plans are especially beneficial for individuals without access to employer-based insurance or government assistance, addressing a critical gap in dental care access.

Important Considerations:

  • Limited Access to Specialists: Membership plans often restrict patients to specific practice locations, which can limit access to specialized care.
  • Exclusions and Fine Print: While offering many benefits, these plans can have exclusions and limitations, such as not covering certain high-cost treatments like orthodontics and surgical periodontal care.
  • Variability in Offerings: The scope and quality of services provided under membership plans can vary significantly between practices, impacting the overall value received by patients.
  • Geographic Disparities: There are notable differences in the availability and cost of plans between urban and rural areas, which can affect accessibility and affordability.

“Membership plans present a different model for accessing dental care, particularly in how they manage preventive services and discounts on various procedures,” said Kelli Bingham, Executive Director of Harmony Health. “This analysis provides valuable insights into how these plans compare with traditional dental insurance, as well as the impact they can have for those without access to traditional dental insurance or government assistance.”

The research report emphasizes that these plans can play a crucial role in addressing oral health disparities, offering valuable insights for patients and practices navigating the dental care landscape.

The publication is available at

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