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Elevate Introduces Allday Dry Mouth Gel

AlldayAllday Dry Mouth Gel is the newest addition to the Elevate Oral Care (877-866-9113; oral moisturizing product line. Allday Gel combats dry mouth differently than any other moisturizing oral product. Its patented formula uses a special mucoadhesive hydrogel that works in concert with its maximum xylitol concentration to relieve xerostomia symptoms and improve oral health. Since patients with xerostomia are at high risk for caries, achieving a non-acidic oral environment is crucial for disease prevention. Allday Gel is manufactured with a neutral pH of ~7.0 that provides continuous buffering with use throughout the day and night. It is also saturated with 44% xylitol, and the unique hydrogel formula holds xylitol in the mouth for extended periods, prolonging the bacteriostatic benefits.

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