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Denmat Launches Rotadent Procare™ Professional Rotary Toothbrush

Denmat Launches Rotadent Procare™ Professional Rotary Toothbrush   June 6, 2016 Lompoc, CA – Den Mat Holdings, LLC, a leading manufacturer of innovative esthetic dentistry and advanced oral health solutions, is proud to introduce the latest generation of the Rotadent®

Denmat Launches Rotadent Procare™

Professional Rotary Toothbrush

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June 6, 2016 Lompoc, CA – Den-Mat Holdings, LLC, a leading manufacturer of innovative esthetic dentistry and advanced oral health solutions, is proud to introduce the latest generation of the Rotadent® toothbrush: Rotadent ProCare™. For over 25 years, Rotadent has been recognized as a proven at-home solution for premium oral health. Designed to serve as an at-home extension of the prophy handpiece that is used to fight plaque and control disease during hygiene appointments, Rotadent ProCare provides the same superior clinical efficacy of previous Rotadent models. Additionally, it features a state-of-the-art, proprietary inductive charger with convenient brush head storage, a more powerful yet quieter motor that powers a newly-patented drive shaft and an improved, more robust, brush head design, compatible with the Rotadent Contour® model. Rotadent ProCare also maintains many of the same key features as previous models, including a QuadTimer with 30-second interval indicator, two brushing modes and three brush head designs, optimized to meet a variety of patient needs with proprietary MicroFilament™ technology.

“February 20, 2014 was a milestone in DenMat’s 40+ year history,” explained Robert Cartagena, Chief Operating Officer. “Not only did DenMat acquire the assets of Zila, Inc., which included the Rotadent brand, but on that very same day, our company kicked off the engineering effort to introduce an improved, next-generation Rotadent toothbrush to our customers. From day one, our primary objectives were to ensure complete patient satisfaction and to introduce a Rotadent that meets our customers’ high standards for quality, efficacy, and reliability. We worked tirelessly to identify & address improvement opportunities in the Rotadent toothbrush, and many of the ideas came directly from our customers. After two years of R&D efforts, it feels great to bring this product to market. The result is – quite simply – the best Rotadent toothbrush ever.”

Independent, clinical research on the Rotadent dates back to 1986. Numerous studies have since been published that demonstrate the effectiveness and superiority of Rotadent technology in terms of plaque removal, patient compliance & interproximal cleaning. In one of the earliest studies (published in 1989), Rotadent was concluded to be “as effective for plaque removal and control of gingival inflammation as a combination of conventional toothbrushing, flossing and toothpicks for patients in periodontal maintenance.”1 As a ‘one-step’ solution, Rotadent simplifies and streamlines homecare for patients, and is the only power toothbrush clinically proven to be as effective as brushing and flossing combined.1


“Flossing is considered to be one of the basic cornerstones of sound oral health,” explained Mary Hughes, RDH, “yet only an estimated 40% of Americans floss daily and 20% never floss.2 In clinical practice, I make it a point to ask my patients ‘what if I could provide you with a brushing solution that also delivered the benefits of flossing?’ The response is remarkable. I have yet to come across a homecare tool that could replace flossing, but I take pride in the fact that I’m providing my patients with the very best homecare tool possible, for those that simply will not floss.”

Consistent with Rotadent’s historical distribution strategy, Rotadent ProCare is available to patients exclusively through dental professionals. Cartagena continued: “Dental professionals who prescribe and dispense the Rotadent to their patients have an unparalleled advantage, in that they don’t face competition from traditional retail channels. In fact, Rotadent ProCare is only available through dental offices; not anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada. By offering both the Rotadent toothbrush and complementary at-home oral meds such as fluoride gels and rinses, offices are able to set themselves apart as providers of unique professional solutions. That’s a compelling value proposition for those seeking to keep existing patients coming back, drive new patients, or both.”

Rotadent ProCare has taken its place at the core of DenMat’s Soft Tissue Management® system & Continuing Education platform, playing a key role in helping patients continue to maintain their oral health & protect their smiles at home.


  1. Boyd RL, Murray P, Robertson PB. Effect on periodontal status of rotary electric toothbrushes vs. manual toothbrushes during periodontal maintenance. I. Clinical results. J Periodontal. 1989;60(7):390-395.

  2. American Dental Association, Survey finds shortcomings in oral health habits, (last updated Oct. 20, 2014).


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