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Celebrating 100 Years

The year was 1923. It was momentous for numerous reasons, such as the first use of insulin to treat diabetes, the first baseball game played in the original Yankee Stadium, and the opening of King Tut’s burial chamber. Another important…

The Time is Now

The opening sentence of the recently released Global Oral Health Status Report (GOHSR) from the World Health Organization (WHO) states: “Oral health is integral to general health and supports individuals participating in society to achieve…

The Importance of Peer Review

As you may have noticed, a new image is appearing on articles in Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. Depicting a magnifying glass focused on a page of a publication with the words “Dimensions Peer-Reviewed Content,” it signifies that a particular…

Update on License Portability

In the October 2021 issue of Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, I wrote about a new initiative that would allow dental hygienists and dentists to practice in more than one state without needing to take a licensure exam for each state.


As I write this memo from the beautiful town of Westport, Ireland, I’m reflecting on many things.

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