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ErgoPrism Loupes by LumaDent provide dental hygienists with a truly ergonomic solution.

Prior to leaving the operatory in July of 2020, I worked clinically as a dental hygienist for 12 years. Now I am a yoga therapist and ergonomic specialist for dental professionals, helping them master their ergonomics, learn tools for reducing pain, and create healthier habits in and out of the office to optimize their health for long-lasting careers.

When I graduated from college in 2008, I bought my first pair of loupes. At the time, I was so excited that I could finally see! A few years later, I realized I needed more magnification and light, so I purchased a new pair. Then, while I was still practicing and as I became more interested in ergonomics, I learned about ergonomic loupes. I loved the idea, but I didn’t do much research, as I knew my role as a clinical hygienist was slowly fading and my passion to help dental practitioners was at an all-time high. After leaving clinical practice in July of 2020, I began helping oral health professionals with more than just therapeutic yoga, but with ergonomics, too. With this, I did more research about ergonomic loupes and their benefits. That’s when I found LumaDent and fell in love!

As a dental hygienist and ergonomic assessment specialist, I understand the immense value of ergonomic loupes for practitioners. One of the biggest challenges I faced while practicing was the pain in my neck and shoulders from looking down into patients’ mouths all day. Like many, I compromised my body to provide the best care for my patients.lumadent products

The high prevalence of work-related pain and injuries among dental professionals is not new. The statistics speak for themselves. The industry needs different solutions in order to create change among providers. The wave of ergonomic loupes on the market will be life-changing for many practitioners. Traditional loupes do not provide a complete ergonomic solution, as they require practitioners to look down and tilt forward a certain degree.

Ergonomic loupes, such as LumaDent’s ErgoPrism loupes, allow the practitioner to maintain a neutral upright position while working with patients. Maintaining a neutral posture is one of the most important pieces and, because of this, the load on the muscles and joints in the back and neck is drastically reduced. When neutral positioning is achieved, less effort and energy are required. Sitting with this ideal posture positively affects your breathing and circulation, which is crucial for pain and stress management alike. In addition, these loupes reduce eye strain. This not only protects the health and well-being of the practitioner, but it enables more efficient work, benefiting the patient and the practice itself.

LumaDent provides practitioners with a truly ergonomic solution that is lightweight and supports a long and healthy career. LumaDent offers multiple magnifications for practitioners depending on your needs. The light solution that LumaDent offers is unlike any other, with a headlight that rotates in all directions, helping illuminate hard-to-access areas with less strain on the body.

I’ve worked with many dentists and dental hygienists who struggle with work-related pain. I have helped many practitioners overcome pain through ergonomic adjustments, therapeutic yoga, and self-care. However, I highly encourage all practitioners to try these loupes, and my clients have seen excellent results when they make the transition. ErgoPrism loupes help reduce pain levels for practitioners and are an amazing ergonomic solution for every dental practitioner and the industry itself.


From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. November/December 2022;20(11)24.

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