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August 2003 Marketplace

1) Subgingival Calculus Detection system Ultradent Products Inc,

Salt Lake City , announces the DetecTar, the first subgingival, automated calculus detection system. The DetecTar has received clearance by the Food and Drug Administration to market in the United States and is now available for purchase worldwide. Relying on the specific signature of subgingival calculus, the detectar features a light that reflects off the calculus and is then sensed by an optical fiber and converted into an electrical signal to be analyzed. With visual and auditory signals, both clinician and patient are made aware of the presence of calculus. The probe handle is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. (800) 552-5512;

2) Disposable Prophy ANGLES AND Packs DENTSPLY Professional, York, Pa, announces the immediate availability of the NUPRO revolv product line, a new line of disposable prophy angles and prophy packs from the NUPRO family of polishing products. With a wider back end and dimple grip for potential fatigue reduction, the NUPRO revolv DPA offers a latex-free cup with outstanding flare for even paste application and splatter control. Angles and packs are available in both 100 count individual boxes as well as 1,000 count econoboxes in a variety of flavors and grit combinations. (800) 989-8826;
3) Mouth Mirror and Sharpening Tool Remi Dental Products Inc,

Mountain View , Calif , introduces the Remi Grip™, a combination mouth mirror and sharpening stone. Invented by a dental hygienist, Mimi Sommers, RDH, the Remi Grip offers an interchangeable sharpening stone that connects to the mouth mirror handle. The device autoclaves as one, providing a sterile stone for each patient. Dental hygienists can choose grip style, color, sharpening stone shape (triangular, circular, or d-shaped), and mirror head size. (866) GET-REMI;

4) Loupes Carl Zeiss Surgical Inc, Thornwood, NY, introduces the Vision GF—a complete line of Galilean flip-up loupes. Available on an assortment of frames, these loupes feature the Zeiss prism loupes in magnifications of 2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x at an affordable price. Working distances are available to suit all ergonomic situations and clinical applications. (888) 773-2790;
5) Sharpening System Nordent Manufacturing Inc,

Elk Grove Village , Ill , introduces the InstRenew™ Sharpening System for all brands and patterns of hygiene scalers and curettes. This compact, stainless steel unit operates on standard 110v current and features a blade positioner and a sharpening cone that provide a simple, accurate sharpening process, which automatically locks each instrument to the correct angle. (800) 966-7336;

6) Sonic Rechargeable Oral Care System AIT Dental Inc,

Beverly Hills , Calif , offers the Sonic Plakaway Plus, a sonic rechargeable oral care system. Integrating the special needs of implant, bridge, and orthodontia patients, the Sonic Plakaway Plus provides effective brushing, interdental cleaning, and tongue care, with patented tips that clean interdentally at 30,000 strokes per minute. The system includes two brush heads, two tongue scrapers, two adapters, 12 Proxi-Tips®, and 12 Perio-Brushes™. (800) 876-4620;

7) Oral Hygiene Products Delivery Aide Brushtime Products Inc, Baltimore, introduces the Brushtime Bunny, an oral hygiene products delivery aide that entertains children while encouraging them to follow a proper dental hygiene routine. The Brushtime Bunny is a 12-inch high cartoon style rabbit that holds a plastic carrot in the right paw and a toothbrush in the left. The bunny’s middle opens to reveal a Mylar® mirror and displays four Brush Time Tips©. The carrot is designed as a travel case and includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss held together with a rinse cup. (866) 508-7400;
8) Fluoride foam OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals,

West Palm Beach , Fla , has reformulated its Nice Cream® 1.23% APF One Minute Topical Foam into three new flavors. Gumball blast, strawberry sundae, and mint swirl flavored Nice Cream Fluoride Foam is available in a 4.4 oz bottle that supplies about 100 treatments. Nice cream does not leave a bitter aftertaste and the thick aerosol foam stays in the tray to minimize patient gagging. (800) 445-3386;

9) Hygiene Handpiece NSK America,

Schaumburg , Ill , has developed the EX-117 Hygiene Handpiece. It

is ergonomically balanced, quiet, and lightweight with a 360° swivel that allows access to hard to reach areas. The EX-117 works with existing equipment and easily attaches to four hole tubing. Variable speed control and forward/reverse directions are built in. (888) 675-1675;

10) Titanium Frame for Loupes Orascoptic®,

Middleton , Wis , introduces a new designer frame for its visualization systems. The new frame optimizes the viewing area around the telescope body, is lightweight, and provides protection. Specially designed for Orascoptic loupes, the frame comes in four colors: blue, wine, slate, and black. Three sizes are also available for a custom fit. It is available for all Orascoptic Through-the-Lens and Flip-Up style Galilean loupes, including the Dimension-3®, Eyelites™, and Pearls systems. Upgrades are available for current Orascoptic customers. (800) 369-3698;

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