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ErgoFinger® is key to safe, efficient, and comfortable high-volume evacuation.


ErgoFingerCOVID-19 has significantly impacted the day-to-day work of dental practices. Understanding the risks associated with airborne infectious aerosol transmission during oral healthcare became critical in order to protect both clinicians and patients. 

Risks of Ultrasonic Scaler Use

While the tool of choice for most dental hygienists, the ultrasonic scaler also produces a tremendous amount of airborne contamination.1 Dental hygienists depend on ultrasonic scalers for efficiency and to reduce muscle fatigue and the risk of repetitive strain injuries. 

Why is it that many dental hygienists seldom use their high-volume evacuation (HVE) and instead use the saliva ejector? It’s no secret that the stiff, plastic, standard HVE tips are awkward to use. They force clinicians to work with their shoulders and elbows raised, tight pinch-grips, and bent wrists. However, the saliva ejector does not adequately remove splatter and aerosols,1 and using it instead of HVE should never be an option.

Ergonomic Gains

The great news is that dental hygienists can get back to using their favorite tools without compromising safety, health, or ergonomics. Say goodbye to the rigid cylindrical tip attached to a heavy hose and begin working today with a revolutionary design.

The ErgoFinger®—the first and only ergonomic, anatomically correct, wearable HVE device—comfortably slips onto the index or middle finger. The ErgoFinger® enables the use of  a neutral and unforced hand and wrist position that permits both hands to stay close to the patient’s mouth, which allows the arm to remain naturally close to the body. As a result, the shoulders stay down and relaxed to support an ergonomically correct and balanced working posture throughout the day.

Managing Aerosols

To reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the dental operatory, the spray generated by the ultrasonic scaler must be contained before it exits the mouth. For this to occur, the HVE tip must be 8 mm or greater in diameter, and it must be held no further than 2 cm from the ultrasonic scalers working tip.1 The ErgoFinger® exceeds this recommendation as its nozzle has a bore size of 11 mm that rotates 360°; this allows the suction power to be directed accurately toward the working area to capture aerosols directly from the source. In addition, the nozzle’s unique air vents and cusps provide continuous airflow that prevents mucosal aspiration and the risk of back flow.

Adding the ErgoFinger® to the operatory is simple. The ErgoFinger® Starter Kit contains the industry’s most lightweight HVE hose, weighing just 4 oz for the total system. The ErgoFinger® HVE Hose Kit is simple to install with the included adapter fitting any existing dental unit’s HVE valves. Clinicians can work proficiently without any drag on the finger, hand, or wrist.


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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. November 2021;19(11)25.

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