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ACTEON North America introduces AIR-N-GO Easy

ACTEON North America introduces AIR N GO® Easy   July 16, 2015 — A new way to perform air polishing has been engineered by ACTEON®. The AIR N GO® Easy attaches to the high speed handpiece connection in any dental

ACTEON North America introduces AIR-N-GO® Easy

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July 16, 2015 — A new way to perform air polishing has been engineered by ACTEON®. The AIR-N-GO® Easy attaches to the high-speed handpiece connection in any dental chair and has been redesigned to be simple to clean, maintain, and sterilize.

Just change the nozzle, not the handpiece:

Depending on your clinical needs, switch from SUPRA to the PERIO mode, with four (4) interchangeable AIR-N-GO® nozzles including the new Perio Easy nozzle. This comprehensive range of nozzles allow complete supra and subgingival treatments, providing targeted action against biofilm in any area of the mouth.

AIR-N-GO® powders are customized solutions to fit any clinical need. They make AIR-N-GO® easy an effective instrument and increase patient comfort. The system provides a gentle cleaning of the treated areas.

“CLASSIC” powders (» 76 µm) are sodium bicarbonate-based, contain natural ingredients and come in five flavors. The fine grain and non-aggressive geometry of the crystals provide increased comfort to patients during treatment

“PEARL” powder, (» 55 µm) natural calcium carbonate-based and sodium-free, will please your most sensitive patients. This powder is gentle and safe to use on composites and other restorations.

“PERIO” powder (» 25 µm), natural glycine-based, can be used sub-gingivally to fight against the advance of periodontal and peri-implant diseases.

Increase possibilities for care and treatment with a single handpiece, AIR-N-GO® easy.

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