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quip Adds Five Industry Leaders to its Dental Advisory Board

Today, quip, the modern oral health company, announced new members of its Dental Advisory Board, composed of internationally recognized dental experts across key sectors including dentists, public health experts, professors, and dental thought leaders. The expertise of this advisory board helps ensure that professional and industry expertise from multiple perspectives are consulted at every step as the company continues to drive towards its mission of improving the oral health of every mouth.

At quip, our goal is to inspire, incentivize and assist people in developing and maintaining healthy oral

care habits,” says Simon Enever, Co-Founder and CEO of quip. “The idea for quip came from Professional insights I gained during a routine dental checkup in 2012, and dental industry consultation was a key part of our development and launch and has been integral to quip’s strategy and product innovation ever since. That’s why we are excited to continue expanding and formalizing our network of relationships and understanding of emerging trends, research and knowledge from varied perspectives and I’m delighted to work with this exciting set of board members.”

The quip Dental Advisory Board, developed and hosted by Dr. Maha Yakob, Senior Director of Clinical and Scientific affairs at quip, is made up of the following experts:

“I am so pleased to be working with this group of industry leaders who bring invaluable experience to quip,” says Dr. Maha Yakob, PhD. “The purpose of the quip Dental Advisory Board is to provide insights and practical application of dentistry to improve quip’s product and service offerings, both available now and in the future, while serving the needs of our members today, tomorrow, and for years to come.”

The quip Dental Advisory Board held its latest meeting on September 7, 2022, where members came together to discuss the latest in cutting-edge dentistry. The meeting was focused on educating members on the newest additions to the quip professional services portfolio including clear aligners, teledentistry and dental visit booking, ensuring the board can provide guidance on further innovation and growth areas. The board will continue to amplify quip’s vision, mission, and overarching strategy with the goal of improving oral health for all.

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About quip

quip is a modern oral health company launched in 2015 that provides thoughtfully designed personal oral care products and professional dental care services through a digital platform that makes maintaining good oral care health more simple, accessible, and enjoyable. quip’s current personal care offerings include the American Dental Association accepted (ADA seal) adult and kid electric toothbrushes, smart brushes, refillable floss pick and string, refillable mouthwash and gum as well as its newest product, the water flosser. All products are designed to drive good oral care habits, while keeping products fresh and effective with a quarterly refill delivery service. quip’s professional platform which includes quip Teledentistry and quip Aligners, is part of quip’s vision to connect personal care, oral health monitoring and professional care in one end-to-end digital oral care companion app that helps manage all your oral care needs, while guiding and incentivizing good oral care habits. Since launch, quip has sold more than 10 million oral care products with millions of those users enrolled in a subscription plan that keeps brush heads and other refills replaced on the recommended quarterly schedule for maximum effectiveness. quip was co-founded by Simon Enever and Bill May. Learn more at

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