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Delaware Changes Dentist Licensing Requirements to Improve Access to Care

In August 2022, a new bill adjusting the state of Delaware’s licensing requirements for dentists went into effect. The new law loosens licensing requirements for dentists who work in federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) in order to attract more out-of-state dentists to practice in Delaware. Previously, dentists working in FQHCs were granted provisional licenses but were still required to undergo the state’s rigorous licensing requirements within 2 years of receiving the provisional license. This hindered the state’s efforts to attract more dentists to provide care in underserved areas. The new legislation allows dentists to apply for a community health license, which will lead to a standard Delaware dental license as long as the provider practices a certain number of hours over 2 years. The state of Delaware does not currently have a dental school. Click here to read more.

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