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Revolutionizing Dental Imaging

Experience unparalleled patient comfort and diagnostic precision with Pac-Dent’s EzAim™ SoftBite™ Sensor Holders, which are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Recipient of Sunstar eBrief Giveaway Revealed

The monthly enewsletter, Sunstar Ebrief — created through a collaboration between Sunstar and Dimensions of Dental Hygiene — added a new feature in 2024: a monthly giveaway! Sunstar Ebrief continues to provide news relevant to the…

Pac-Dent’s Air/Water Syringes

Pac-Dent offers a variety of disposable air/water syringe tips for oral health professionals. Pac-Dent’s Armor™ Air/​Water Syringe Tip and Sleeve Combo merges tip and sleeve placement into a single step, saving time while ensuring…

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