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Put an End to the Journey of Splatter

Pac-Dent’s prophylaxis solutions enhance the safety 
and efficiency of oral health professionals.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic brought dental clinicians face to face with unprecedented challenges, particularly in managing aerosols and splatter within the dental office. As a clinician myself, I became acutely aware of the risks associated with contracting coronavirus. Despite diligently adhering to all necessary personal protective equipment and infection control protocols, I found myself questioning whether there were additional measures to safeguard against these risks. Every day, dental hygienists worldwide grapple with the management of aerosols, saliva, blood, and biofilm, especially during procedures such as coronal polishing.

Research conducted at the University of Minnesota sought to understand the patterns of splatter contamination resulting from rotary instruments and irrigation during oral surgery.1 The findings revealed the areas most affected by splatter are patients’ chests, followed by dental assistants’ and operators’ face shields. Additionally, splatter was observed on face masks and various surfaces within the operatory. Responding to the urgent need for solutions, Pac-Dent has taken proactive steps in developing a specialized line of anti-splatter products.

AntiSplatr™ Disposable Prophy Angle

The innovative AntiSplatr™ disposable prophy angle is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of dental professionals. Featuring a newly devised splatter fender, this disposable prophy angle effectively eliminates saliva, blood, and prophy paste accumulation from the cup’s exterior. Its compact design and strategic positioning ensure optimal reach and enhanced visibility, while the thin, latex-free prophy cup excels in preserving paste for superior polishing performance and improved subgingival access.

ProPaste™ One Disposable Prophy Ring

In the selection of prophy paste, considerations typically include type, grit, flavor, and consistency. With the ProPaste™ One, Pac-Dent offers a convenient two-in-one solution — a pre-assembled disposable prophy ring and paste combo — designed for ergonomic and efficient coronal polishing.

Each paste cup ring contains an optimal amount of desensitizing and low splatter prophy paste, ensuring a seamless polishing experience. Pac-Dent provides a range of gluten-free flavors, including mint, strawberry, bubblegum, grape, and cherry, catering to diverse patient preferences.

ProMate™ CL Cordless Hygiene Handpiece

The ProMate™ CL Cordless Hygiene Handpiece is an ergonomic solution that offers freedom from cumbersome cord-drag, while offering dual-mode speed control and enhanced operator comfort during prophylaxis procedures. Compliant with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s sterilization and infection control guidelines, the sterilizable outer sheath is designed for steam autoclaving. Featuring dual-mode speed control with six-speed settings, an ergonomic quick-touch button, and a Bluetooth-powered foot pedal, this handpiece offers unparalleled convenience. Moreover, its compatibility with other disposable prophy angles ensures seamless integration into daily practice, capable of enduring a full day’s worth of procedures.


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From Dimensions of Dental Hygiene. March 2024; 22(2):16

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