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Level Up Your Infection Control Protocol

Pac-Dent’s air/water syringe tips offer high performance at an affordable cost.

The debate around disposable air/​water syringe tips vs reusable metal tips is not new, but many oral health professionals keep to the adage, “We’ve always used metal air water syringe tips.” Despite rigorous cleaning protocols, such as flushing with water and ultrasonic cleaning followed by sterilization, internal bioburden accumulation in the lumen poses a sterilization risk. Inadequate removal of infectious materials presents significant infection control concerns for both patients and dental practices.

When comparing costs, the expenses associated with cleaning and sterilizing reusable tips must be considered. The potential additional cost of disposable tips must be balanced against the convenience and infection control benefits they offer dental hygienists in their daily practice.

Disposable Air/​Water Syringe Tip Options

Pac-Dent is excited to offer a variety of disposable air/​water syringe tip options for clinicians. By prioritizing the adoption of disposable air/​water syringe tips, dental hygienists will be empowered to streamline their procedures, ensure patient safety, and uphold the highest standards of infection prevention in their practice.

Pac-Dent’s Armor Air/​Water Syringe Tip and Sleeve Combo has an innovative design. It combines tip and sleeve placement into a single step, saving time while ensuring stringent infection control. The syringe features a five air-core tip for precise air and water delivery, enhancing both efficiency and patient comfort. Its co-polymer film sleeve provides total surface coverage, preventing cross-contamination with ease.

The TruTip™ Plus Colors Air/​Water Syringe Tips are a game-changer for dental hygienists seeking optimal performance and convenience. With a clear plastic exterior and metal interior, these disposable tips offer seamless integration with most metal counterparts. With a unique groove ensuring a secure lock, these tips remain firmly in place throughout procedures. TruTip™ guarantees dry air, free from moisture contamination, thanks to the innovative five air-core design. This design not only ensures even airflow, but also enhances overall efficiency.

TruTip™ Colors Air/​Water Syringe Tips provide all the same features as the TruTip™ Plus Colors Air/​Water Syringe Tip, but TruTip™ Colors offers an exterior solid-colored plastic with a stainless-steel core.

NeoTip™ Air/​Water Syringe Tips have a clear plastic exterior and a colorful plastic interior. These tips are designed with an inner tube that does not move under pressure and includes a groove in the tip that ensures a secure fit. NeoTip™ are interchangeable with most metal tips; no conversion is necessary. The best part is that NeoTips™ do not damage the O-Ring.

KleanTip™ Air/​Water Syringe Tips are a cost-effective way to eliminate cross-contamination. KleanTip™ features a central water channel surrounded by six individual air channels, which guarantee an instant switch between air and water while eliminating moisture contamination. These tips are made of clear plastic that do not obstruct the field of operation and allow users to see if the tip has been previously used.

SureTight™ Air/​Water Syringe Tips feature a unique interlocking system that ensures a new and secure seal with every new tip. These tips include a single water channel with five separate air channels that ensure perfect separation of air and water to prevent mixing. Strong enough for easy cheek and tongue retraction in addition to a rounded tip for extra patient comfort.

Pac-Dent is dedicated to supporting dental hygienists in delivering exceptional care while maintaining the highest standards of infection control. Let’s level up our infection control protocol today!


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