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April 2018 Product Spotlights

ACT Chattem

ACT®, a trusted leader in oral care, provides a wide range of products for your patients’ needs. ACT® is the #1 Dentist and Hygienist recommended Fluoride Rinse Brand for both kid and adult patients. In addition, ACT® offers a line of dry mouth products to help provide a soothing option for patients. Recommend our New ACT® Dry Mouth Gum, New ACT® Arctic Blast Anticavity Rinse, and New ACT® Wild Watermelon Kids Anticavity Rinse.

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Prescription-strength Cetacaine offers a rapid, 30 second onset with a long lasting duration of up to 60 minutes when used as directed. It is indicated for use on all accessible mucosa, except the eyes. Available in Liquid, Spray or Gel forms, Cetacaine Liquid can be comfortably dispensed into periodontal pockets with the pliable latex free syringe tips. The special Luer-lock cap reduces waste by dispensing only the amount needed. Try our new Cool Mint Topical Anesthetic Gel!

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Cranberry USA

Cranberry introduces the launch of Transcend nitrile gloves, featuring Low Derma Technology with no added allergy-induced chemicals accelerators. This patented technology not only ensures a cleaner nitrile, but also one that’s built with strong film formation for an unconventional strength. Texture Finger tips provides secure handling in wet and dry conditions, and is available as a 300 space saver pack to maximize storage space and efficiency.

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Implementing DUWL treatment protocols can be complicated and time-consuming. The DentaPure® cartridge, a product of Crosstex, provides safe, compliant dental unit water for one year (or 240L of water if usage records are kept), with one simple installation. With the DentaPure cartridge your waterline treatment protocol becomes a simple, annual routine.

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Dentsply Sirona

The XCP-DS Fit® Universal Sensor Holder with ORA®Arm & Ring Positioning System

The XCP-DS Fit® Universal Sensor Holder features a self-adjusting clip designed to fit any size and any brand sensor. Its silicone-cushioned edges help provide patient comfort while keeping the sensor positioned accurately. Use alone or with the autoclavable XCP-ORA featuring a unique arm and ring design designed to simplify your positioning procedure.

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FAST-ACTING ONE MINUTE CONTACT TIME A broad-spectrum disinfectant with one minute kill time† — faster kill times mean faster turnover.

SAFE ON SURFACES Designed to be compatible with a wide range of surfaces including acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, chrome, plastics and more.

CLEANS & DISINFECTS Quick and easy way to effectively clean and disinfect surfaces.

FRAGRANCE FREE Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria with no harsh fragrance.

LOW ALCOHOL FORMULA Will not affix blood and soil to surfaces.

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Keystone Industries

Gelato® Prophy Paste provides smooth, pliable and splatter-free application all while coming in 6 great-tasting flavors. The 1.23% fluoride ion Gelato paste, 6-time winner of The Dental Advisor’s Top Prophy Paste, is perfect for high-luster polishing and stain removal, but it remains gentle on the enamel with minimal enamel loss.

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XyliMelts® and XyliGel®

XyliMelts® is a patented dry mouth product that sticks to the gums on the outside of a molar, releasing one-half gram of xylitol, which stimulates saliva and reduces plaque and new cavities, as well as cellulose gum that turns a small amount of saliva into a gel that coats and lubricates the mouth. The oral adhering disc was recently found to decrease reflux symptoms in patients with GERD, a condition that causes tooth erosion. XyliGel® for dry mouth and tooth decay is an all-natural, great tasting, soothing gel that coats the mouth with 17% xylitol and lubricant to relieve dry mouth and reduce tooth decay. Effective for both daytime and nighttime use, XyliGel increases saliva production and coats the mouth and lips to help relieve dry mouth and reduce new plaque formation. XyliGel is the only dry mouth gel that is non-acidic.

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Premier Dental Products

Introducing new PremierAir™ hygiene and diagnostic instruments. Exceptionally light, these instruments combine comfortable, ergonomic handles with a non-slip grip that requires less pressure to maintain control. The scaler and curette tips are crafted using SmartSharp® Technology, which ensures a well-defined edge for optimal efficiency. The probes’ dark markings are easy to read while the explorer tips are sharp and provide excellent tactile sensitivity. PremierAir instruments are made by master craftsmen in the U.S.A.

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Super Simple Infection Control Compliance in all 50 states! 

Introducing the new esamate MW (Midwest®) lube-free, heat sterilization tolerant, hand piece which ensures compliance with the practice acts in all 50 states. Esamate MW provides proven air-driven performance, weighs just 3.2 ounces, offers a 360° swivel and connects easily to esa disposable prophy angles. No recharging or batteries!

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Introducing Synedent FLX by Prisyna. Synedent FLX advanced fluoride oral rinse is a soothing, fresh mouth cleanser that promotes healthy gums and teeth while preventing cavities. Synedent FLX is mouth-friendly, alcohol free and formulated at a neutral pH as to not harm enamel. Made from naturally derived and environmentally friendly ingredients, Synedent FLX uses innovative technology to help clean teeth and gums, leaving the mouth feeling healthier.

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