Sunstar Butler Introduces The New Gum® Implant Care Kit



Chicago (February 7, 2006) – Sunstar Butler, a leader in providing advanced oral care products for both professionals and consumers worldwide, introduces a first-of-its-kind package of quality GUM® oral hygiene products designed for use by patients following implant surgery, the new GUM® Implant Care Kit. 

Packaged in an attractive light blue shatter-proof plastic case, the GUM® Post Implant Care Kit includes eight quality, implant care products and instructions to provide optimum post surgery home care.  Included in the kit are: 

  ► Delicate Post-Surgical Toothbrush – Ultra gentle bristles are ideal for post surgical cleaning.  Will not damage implants.

  ► Micro Tip® Sensitive Compact Toothbrush – Advanced bristle technology is ideal for continuing care after the implant is established.  Sensitive bristles will not damage the implants.

  ► End Tuft Brush – The small brush head addresses special maintenance concerns including the implant post and abutement.

  ► Dual Action Tongue Cleaner – Keeping the oral environment as free of bacteria as possible is an important part of implant care.  This device cleans the tongue which harbors high concentrations of bacteria. 

  ►Proxabrush® Trav-ler® – Good for cleaning interproximal spaces and around implant post and abutement.  Coated wire prevents damage to implant post. 

  ►Postcare® Implant Floss Aids – Implant flossing device specifically designed to gently and effectively remove plaque from the attachments without damaging the posts.

  ► Rincinol® – Unique protective bio-adherent coating helps provide immediate, long-lasting soft tissue oral pain relief and healing after surgery.

  ► Patient Education Pamphlet – Provides basic instruction on why proper oral hygiene is important to the success of the implants and how to use each of the kit’s components.

A single GUM® Implant Care Kit contains the dental hygiene products needed to start the patient on a proper dental implant care program after surgery.  Easy to use, all eight items packed in the case make it simple for the patient to store their supplies.  The patient education pamphlet contains $3.00 in retail coupons, which can be used by the patient to purchase additional GUM® brand products at a reduced retail price.

A savings of time and money for the practice, the single kit makes it simple to control and manage inventory.  The kits allow the practice to offer a post implant kit that is complete and available at an attractive affordable price. 

The case is imprinted with the gold GUM® logo and a business card for the practice can be easily inserted in the box, reminding the patient that the quality GUM® brand products were provided by their trusted dental professional. 

Packaged one dozen kits per case, Gold Plan members can purchase the kit for $76.80, and all customers will receive a coupon for one dozen FREE Delicate or other specialty toothbrushes with each dozen kits purchased.

For more information on the new GUM® Implant Care Kit, please call 1-800-528-8537 or visit

About Sunstar Butler 

Sunstar Butler and its parent company, Sunstar Inc., continue their global partnership with dentistry to develop a better understanding of the potential links between oral health, general health, and quality of life.  The GUM® brand of products manufactured by Sunstar Butler is one of the most trusted and recommended by dental professionals for over 80 years.  The company’s products are designed in consultation with dental professionals and are manufactured to the highest quality standards, assuring product excellence and patient satisfaction. 

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