Powerful Enhancement of LOGICON Caries Detector™ Software Now Available from Kodak

Powerful Enhancement of LOGICON Caries Detector™ Software Now Available from Kodak

New Automated Tools Save Practices Valuable Time

ROCHESTER, N.Y., October 17, 2006––A new, enhanced version 4.0 of LOGICON Caries DetectorTM Software that is easier to learn and use is now available from Kodak. The new version includes a training wizard that makes it easy to learn the software and automated tools that reduce the time it takes to obtain the analysis results. Additionally, full screen filters to bring out more visual evidence of caries disease are now available.

LOGICON Caries Detector™ Software is a unique, patented tool that assists dentists in the difficult task of diagnosing radiographs for proximal caries. The software extracts image features and correlates them with a database of known caries problems. In doing so, the software automatically highlights possible carious abnormalities on patients’ digital dental radiographs, signaling the dentist to take a closer look at the tooth involved.

A clinical study published by the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA) indicated that advanced digital technology from Eastman Kodak Company helped dentists find cavities extending into the dentin in 20% more cases than they were able to find with traditional methods, enabling earlier diagnosis and treatment for patients. The software is approved for use with KODAK RVG Digital Radiography Systems and is integrated into the popular KODAK Dental Imaging Software.

New version 4.0 features include:

• Interactive Training Wizard and Easy Steps support file to help you get started

• Region of Interest (ROI) Adjustment Tool that automatically searches to find maximum caries depth

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• Improved edge finding algorithms that automatically work around tooth contacts and small overlaps to reduce the need for manual tracing

• New full screen filters to provide more visual evidence of caries to correlate with analyses

• Ability to save results to patient file with image markers for surfaces

• E-mail function which allows the user to send LOGICON Software result screens to a third party

• Comprehensive training CD with audio track and step-by-step example analyses

“This new version offers improvements to the LOGICON Software long sought after by our users,” explains Dr. David Gakenheimer, LOGICON Software Product Line Manager for Kodak’s Dental Systems group. “Version 4.0 provides additional tools that aid in more accurate and frequent caries detection. The software allows you to track the lesion condition over time and serves as a valuable patient education tool.”

For more information on Kodak and LOGICON Caries DetectorTM Software, contact Kodak at 1-800-944-6365 or visit www.kodak.com/dental.

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