Liquid Soap with Soothing Relief from the Dead Sea Now available in 500ml Pump


Liquid Soap with Soothing Relief from the Dead Sea Now available in 500ml Pump

From the makers of Glove’n Care, the #1 selling lotion in the Dental Industry!

February 2006, South Hackensack, New Jersey

Essential Dental Systems is excited to announce our new 500ml Scrub’n Glove liquid hand soap pump.  Scrub’n Glove liquid soap is specifically formulated with ingredients mined from the mineral rich Dead Sea.  The source of natural skin care secrets for over 2,000 years.  These minerals have been combined with a special combination of oils to create a very ESSENTIAL skin care product.

The combination of rich essential minerals (sodium chloride, calcium chloride, sulfate, potassium and magnesium), mined from the Dead Sea, regulates and maintains the water content of skin cells.  This formula is water based so it will not compromise adhesive dentistry or glove integrity.  It is also hypoallergenic boasting clinical support of reduced allergic risk.  Scrub’n Glove contains triclosan, a proven anti-bacterial agent.

Scrub’n Glove leaves hands feeling soft and silky smooth after washing and is the ESSENTIAL companion to our Glove’n Care hand lotion.

Scrub’n Glove is available in a 500ml pump Cat. No. 1255-00, SRP $22, or by the 4-pack, 4-500ml pumps, SRP $88.00 and our original 250ml pump Cat. No. 1250-00, SRP $15.00 or by the 4-pack, 4-250ml pumps for $60.00.

To order, contact your Dental Dealer.  For a FREE sample call Essential Dental Systems at 201-487-9090 or 800-22-FLEXI.  For more information please visit our website at

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