Biotene Introduces The All-New Operatory Size Biotene Mouthwash!

Don’t Just Clean….Biotene!
Introducing The All-New

Operatory Size Biotene Mouthwash! 

Now you can give your patients the benefits of Biotene Mouthwash pre and post procedurally with the all-new operatory size Biotene Mouthwash.  This one gallon bottle with easy to use pump contains Biotene’s 100% alcohol-free mouthwash with patented enzyme LP3 complex™ capable of killing harmful bacteria while maintaining healthy bacteria. As your daily rinse, Biotene Mouthwash quickly and effectively cleans, soothes and moistens the mouth after all procedures and the gentle, delicious mint formulation provides protection to dry, sensitive oral tissue while neutralizes bad breath.  And, Biotene Mouthwash is sweetened with Xylitol, a natural sweetener clinically proven to keep the mouth healthy. Increase and restore your patients’ mouth’s natural defenses with the all-new operatory size Biotene Mouthwash! Don’t just clean….Biotene!

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