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7 Ways to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Kids

Parents can help protect their child’s teeth from caries by practicing healthy oral hygiene habits at home.

Parents can help protect their child’s teeth from caries by practicing healthy oral hygiene habits at home. Of course getting kids onboard the 2 minute, twice a day routine is not easily sold on youngsters. Here are 7 tips for parents on how to turn up the fun!

1. Get interactive

Download an entertaining app or video that encourages good oral hygiene habits by making brushing fun. Several toothbrushing apps are available that offer a range of options to spark a child’s interest. Disney characters, superheros, monsters, and other fun characters take center stage on these apps that teach healthy brushing habits by leading kids in games, providing a 2-minute timer, and tracking daily brushing with digital stickers.

2. Go shopping

Involve children in the process by letting them pick out a toothbrush. With so many options out there, little shoppers can find their favorite characters, animals, or colors on electric and manual toothbrushes. And picking out their favorite flavored toothpaste and mouthrinse only adds to the excitement.

3. Turn up the noise

If your little ones like to move to a beat, then designating a “toothbrushing” song may be all the motivation they need. Turn on some tunes and let them brush to the beat of the 2-minute song. Better yet, join them and demonstrate your own brushing technique.

4. Let them take the lead

Sometimes letting little kids help others is effective in revving up interest. After showing them how you brush your teeth, allow them to show off their skills by caring for the teeth of their favorite stuffed animal or doll. Or let them practice brushing your teeth.

5. Become a superhero

Turn them into superheroes as they “battle” caries-causing bad guys. Sugar bugs are the enemies and your little ones can play the hero as they use their weapon—a toothbrush and a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste—to take out those bad guys twice a day.

6. Stick to a routine

Setting and sticking to a routine is important to instilling healthy oral hygiene habits. Impart the importance of regular oral health care by making it part of the morning and nightly routine.

7. Offer rewards

If your child is motivated by stickers, certificates of achievement, or high fives then dole these out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Some apps provide digital stickers but setting up a physical sticker chart may be the way to go in your household.

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