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Two Dental Hygienists Lead the Maine Board of Dental Practice

Two dental hygienists on the faculty of the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) recently ascended to the top leadership positions of the Maine Board of Dental Practice. Tracey L. Jowett, RDH, BSDH, IPDH, is chair of the board and Kathryn Walker, RDH, EFDA, MSEd, is vice chair. This is the first time in Maine’s history that a dental hygienist is serving as chair of the board. They will play key roles in the decision-making processes for oral health professionals throughout the state of Maine. Jowett is an assistant professor of dental health at UMA and the president and founder of Saving Smiles of Maine, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing access to preventive dental hygiene services for residents who go without regular professional dental care. Walker is also an assistant professor of dental health at UMA. Click here to read more.

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