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Nonsurgical Approaches to Temporomandibular Pain Disorders Investigated

University of Connecticut Health researchers are pioneering nonsurgical approaches to alleviate temporomandibular pain disorders (TMD), offering free treatment via a federally funded clinical trial. TMD, affecting 11 to 12 million US adults, predominantly women, often manifests as myofascial pain rather than joint dysfunction. The study integrates smartphone-based pain tracking with tailored interventions targeting stress-related triggers. Participants receive six weekly sessions, X-rays, mouth guards, and anti-inflammatory medications, complemented by counseling. Treatment methods encompass relaxation techniques, problem-solving, and emotional management. Another approach employs detailed assessments to identify pain contributors and develop coping strategies. Patient feedback underscores satisfaction with the non-invasive regimen, highlighting its efficacy and preference over surgical options. This research heralds a promising paradigm shift in TMD management, emphasizing holistic, patient-centered care. Click here to read more.

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