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Mobile Dentistry Comes to the Workplace

A retrofitted van visiting schools and public health events in areas with limited access to professional dental care is what typically comes to mind when mobile dentistry is mentioned. However, Jet Dental is redefining what mobile dentistry can offer by bringing the dental office to the workplace. Designed to eliminate the time needed to drive to dental practices and wait for services, Jet Dental sets up pop-up dental clinics in unused conference rooms or empty offices to serve employees during the workday. They offer oral exams, Xrays, prophylaxes, restorative care, scaling and root planing, tooth whitening, and clear aligners. Jet Dental bills employees’ insurance provider for the services provided. Click here to read more.

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  1. elizabeth klaniecki says

    Access to care is not a problem for people with money and benefits. This is about not making it a priority over your workplace commitments Reminds me of Google… they installed all sorts of games, activities, gyms, restaurant options etc in their workplace so no one ever had to leave work! YUCK Now your dental needs ….and if successful? your medical visits too Time to have a life beyond work folks!!!

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