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Reducing Root Caries Risk

Most of the patients I see are elderly and at elevated risk for root caries. What qualities should I look for in a fluoride varnish that will provide the best results in this population?

Appropriate Compensation

Each day I am in the clinic at 7 am, treating patients between 8 am and 6 pm. The owner of my practice has stated that I cannot bill the morning meeting hours, instrument cleaning hours, and any time past 6 pm. It takes me a few hours to…

How to Discuss Fees With Patients

How can I ascertain whether the fees for the procedures I am providing are appropriate? I have had patients ask me about the costs involved for specific treatments and I am not sure how to handle this. Dentists can charge whatever they…

Improve Your Ergonomics

I have been working in clinical practice for almost 5 years. I am starting to experience pain in my hands, arms, and shoulders. I use loupes and a headlamp. My dentist wants to improve the ergonomics of my operatory. What should I…

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