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2022 Supplement

Perspectives on the Midlevel Practitioner 2022 Supplement

The provision of dental care in the United States is undergoing immense change. With many private practices experiencing shortages of dental hygienists and dental assistants and little coverage for dental services for low-income Americans, new ideas and innovative providers may be just the solutions needed to broaden access to care and improve the oral health of all Americans. This edition of Perspectives on the Midlevel Practitioner explores some of these ideas and more.


Change is Constant
By Lorene G. Kent, RDH, BA


Benefits of Medical-Dental Integration
Both patients and clinicians stand to gain under this model of care.
By Frank Catalanotto, DMD


Improving License Portability
An interstate compact will help dental hygienists maximize their employment opportunities.
By Ann Lynch

Addressing Dental Hygienists’ Workforce Issues
The ADHA partners with the ADA to better understand the impact of COVID-19 on the dental hygiene workforce.
By JoAnn Gurenlian, RDH, MS, PhD, AFAAOM; Ann Lynch; and Ann Battrell, MSDH


National Dental Therapy Coalition Publishes Model Rule
A new tool is available to help reduce regulatory barriers for the profession.
By Kristen Mizzi Angelone and Allison Corr, MPH, MSW


The Case for a Medicare Dental Benefit
Adding a dental benefit to Medicare will make a significant difference in improving access to care for older Americans.
By Kristin LaRoche

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