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Periodontal Charting

amanda asked 1 month ago

dear karen
i had a new patient the other day that hadn’t been seen for 30 years. he did show signs of bone loss but not as bad as you would think. calculus was sub gingival and supra. with heavy bleeding. he was very sensitive. i did not perio probe or do a debriednent or the 4355 code. 
i scheduled him back for perio therapy and told him that i would either charge out localized or 2 quads of perio therapy. after scaling i took pocket depths ranging from 2 to 5 mm pocketing.  
i realized i should have done a debreidnent then reevaluate him in 3 to4 weeks for perio therapy localized. 
what are your thoughts . mainly was i unethical i my decision to probe after?