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September 2004

People Watching

Mother of Dental Hygiene Awarded Honorary Degree, Winner of Distinguished Service Award Announced, and more.

Oral Pathology

Several factors-including scalpel biopsy-are used when making a definitive diagnosis on conditions caused by tobacco use.

From the editor: Second Chances

This month marks the third anniversary of the terrible fall day that each of us remembers so vividly. Like other shattering events, we can recall exactly what we were doing, who we were with, and how we felt on September 11.

Reversing the Caries Process

In an interview with Kathy Phipps, RDH, MPH, DrPH, she discusses the role of dental hygiene in detecting and treating dental caries.

Identifying Those at Risk

Dimensions of Dental Hygiene speaks with Mahvash Navazesh, DMD, about the importance of risk assessment and prevention in managing xerostomia.

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