New KODAK Digital Radiography System Improves Positioning, Patient Comfort and Sensor Robustness

New KODAK Digital Radiography System Improves Positioning,

Patient Comfort and Sensor Robustness

ROCHESTER, N.Y., October 17 – Twenty years after introducing the first dental digital radiography system in the world, Eastman Kodak Company is announcing the 7th generation of KODAK RVG Digital Radiography Systems. The new KODAK RVG 6100 Digital Radiography System offers improved positioning, patient comfort and sensor reliability through the new design, in addition to providing the highest image resolution in the industry.

The new sensor design helps enable more accurate and comfortable positioning and a wider variety of intraoral examinations. The rounded corners help make the sensors more comfortable for patients, and the new cable attachment helps provide both easier positioning and cable robustness.

In addition to capturing periapical and bitewing exams with size 1 and 2 sensors, the RVG 6100 System features new size 0 sensors specifically designed for pediatric examinations. The reduced sensor size is ideal for easier positioning in children’s mouths or for adult patients with small mouths. Also, the new RVG 6100 sensors will allow practitioners to reduce the patient radiation dose by up to 10% for sizes 1 and 2 and 40% for the size 0, as compared with the previous sensor generation.

An additional benefit is the increased reliability of the sensor, due to new shock absorbing materials, which help protect the sensor from damage caused by dropping the sensor or a patient biting it. Miniaturizing of components has led to a stronger cable which is more tolerant of daily usage.

Finally, the new RVG 6100 System integrates seamlessly with KODAK practice management software programs, as well as with other practice management programs.

Superior Image Resolution

The KODAK RVG 6100 Digital Radiography System is designed for dental professionals seeking images with maximum resolution. It delivers the highest true image resolution in the industry – greater than 20 line pairs per millimeter true resolution for sizes 1 and 2 – which is especially needed for more complex examinations, such as endodontics treatments or implantology, as well as for day-to-day procedures.

Features of the RVG 6100 System include:

• KODAK sensor technology with optical fiber that provides high image resolution and greater exposure latitude to help dentists capture the right image the first time and reduce image retakes;

• Sensor remote control that activates the sensor and software for image capture without mouse or keyboard intervention;

• High-speed USB 2 connection for fast image display and minimized waiting time;

• Plug-and-play sensors that facilitate installation and can be easily shared between several workstations;

• Complete set of positioners that allows for proper and fast sensor placement in the mouths of patients;

• KODAK Dental Imaging Software which displays, processes, stores and shares dental radiographs and images. This software is the same user-friendly imaging software used with other KODAK digital imaging systems to help increase productivity and decrease training time.

“The innovations built into this new generation of the RVG System leverages Kodak’s 20 years of experience in dental digital radiography and listening to what end users want and need,” said Patrik Eriksson, CEO, PracticeWorks, LLC. “This generation marks a significant step forward in terms of patient comfort, user convenience and sensor reliability.”

For more information about the RVG 6100 System, call Kodak at 1-800-944-6365 or visit

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