New Dental Digital Camera Features Kodak's Popular Ease-Of-Use Design, Plus Higher Magnification and More Dental Settings

New Dental Digital Camera Features Kodak’s Popular Ease-Of-Use Design,

Plus Higher Magnification and More Dental Settings

Rochester, N.Y., (September 21) – A new, higher resolution, 7.1 megapixel digital photography system from Eastman Kodak Company, the KODAK P712 Dental Digital Photography System, features the user-friendly design of previous KODAK dental digital cameras, plus higher lens magnification and additional dental default settings.

“The KODAK P712 System builds on the strong tradition of past KODAK dental digital cameras with increased capabilities and functionality for the dental professional,” said Gerald Beckler, Global Product Line Manager, Kodak’s dental systems group.  The higher lens magnification (12X optical zoom and 3.3X digital zoom) yields improved image quality and detail and helps instill user confidence.  The system now comes pre-programmed with two dental settings – one setting for portraits and intraoral photographs; the other setting, with enhanced lighting, for mirror shots.  In addition, the KODAK P712 System maintains the ease of use for which previous KODAK dental imaging cameras are known.

The KODAK P712 System also features:

• Full integration with KODAK Dental, Orthodontic and OMS Imaging Software;

• Image stabilization;

• Unique design of the KODAK Dental Flash and Close-up Lens 2 to provide even illumination for dental macro photography;

• 32 MB internal memory*;

• 256 MB SD memory card;

• A distance guide and a large 2.5 in. LCD screen with positioning grid to enable dental professionals to frame standard dental views consistently and professionally;

• The included printer dock enables fast, high-quality 4×6-inch dye-sublimation prints and the transfer of images to a computer or network.

The printer dock also includes a battery charger; storing the camera on the dock means the battery will always be charged and ready to use.

The KODAK P712 System is backed by Kodak customer support and its advanced-unit replacement warranty: if the camera is found to be defective within one year of purchase, it will be replaced.

Dentists Praise Image Quality, Ease-of-Use

“The KODAK P712 Dental Digital Photography System is a great product,” commented James Braun, DDS, Saginaw, MI.  “I consider the KODAK P712 System a great step up from the previous generation of cameras.  It’s really lightweight and ergonomic, as well as easy to use.  The instructions are simple and the camera handles very well.”  Dr. Braun goes on to say:  “My staff uses it with no problems.  I think dentists will appreciate the quality of the photographs and prints coming from the KODAK P712 System.  The redesigned flash and close-up lens is great on this camera, and more importantly – it’s very competitively priced.  You can spend more money on something else and the quality will not be as great.”

Jeff Dalin, DDS, St. Louis, MO, agrees with Dr. Braun, saying:  “What’s not to love about this camera?  The focal distance is great, the zooming feature is fantastic.  The camera is good for professional and personal use.  I’m a big fan of the KODAK P712 System.”

“This camera is very ergonomic and comfortable in use,” says Dr. Ben Hornstein, DDS, Beachwood, OH.  “The new design and ring-flash feature are excellent.  You can easily point, shoot and then print as many photos as needed, all of excellent quality.”

Dental professionals can purchase the KODAK P712 Dental Digital Photography System from authorized dealers of KODAK Dental Systems or directly from Kodak’s dental systems group by calling 1-800-944-6365.

For more information on the KODAK P712 System, call 1-800-944-6365, visit Kodak’s dental systems group website at, or contact your regional KODAK products representative.

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