June 2021 Product Spotlight


Crest goes beyond the brush for clinically proven healthy gums. Crest’s Stannous Fluoride formulation delivers optimal gum health and usage experience. Crest Gum Detoxify and Crest Gum and Sensitivity are active up to 4MM below the gumline and penetrate deep into the biofilm to neutralize gingivitis-causing bacteria.

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Unparalleled Ultrasonic Inserts

MadUltrasonics provides RDH clinicians the finest prophy style inserts in dentistry. Made by hygienists for hygienists. Our insert’s superior performance at low power provides clinicians tactile sensitivity resulting in greater comfort for the clinician and the patient. MadUltrasonics long-lasting inserts come in 12 styles and available in both 25k and 30k and are compatible with ALL magnetostrictive units.

Learn more at: madultrasonics.com

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